Financial History

The first residential property we used as a fixed place of worship had purchase value of £85,000. Alhamdulillah through generous donations we raised the deposit required to get a mortgage which was £15,000. We sold the property for £180,000. 

The Quenchwell Chapel, cost £220,000 (only the chapel). To put the building right in accordance to the standards demanded by the council, it took us over 8 years (From 2008 – 2017), costing approximately £450,000

Full History


Truro Boys Club – Request rejected for the use of one of the rooms for Friday prayers (Muslim Community Size < 10).

1993 - 1999

The Cornwall Health Trust and local Village Hall – Temporary space provided for the weekly Jummah prayer to be prayed. The village hall was rented for major events such as Eid prayers.


The Cornwall Islamic Trust purchased a residential property from funds raised by the local community. Weekly Friday prayer along with Sunday school for kids were held at the premise. Planning permission for development of the property was rejected. Due to the limited space, the Cornwall Islamic Trust actively continued to seek another more suitable premise.

2000 - 2002

Sadly in this time frame 9/11 happened resulting in the Muslim World becoming the focus of the media. The residential property was sold to raise funds. Once the fund was acquired, the pursuit of a new property became painstakingly difficult. Every potential property that the trust looked into became a newsworthy event, resulting in a predictable response, “Rejected”. 

Truro Collage – Fortunately Truro Collage got in contact with us and offered us space to pray our Friday prayers. They did not charge us for the space for which we will be eternally grateful.

2003 - 2006

The Muslim Community had grown greatly and a larger place was needed.

The Quakers Chapel, Truro –  Was hired to hold the weekly Friday prayers but the two annual Eid prayers collided with school holidays, Activity groups and other Christian festivals. Our Christian brothers in Truro provided their chapels and Halls for us to use, for which we will always be grateful. 


Early in 2007 three former Methodist Chapels came on the market with planning permission for development. One of which was the Quenchwell Chapel (Our Cornwall Islamic Centre).


Quenchwell Chapel, Truro – Alhamdulillah we acquired the chapel on the 28th April 2008 to be exact. 

From the initial purchase of the premise to the final completed structure, we have had a roller-coaster ride in dealing with racial abuse, vandalism, theft, tedious official paperwork and much more.


3rd July 2009 – We offered the first Friday prayer. 

All of this has only been possible with the help and blessings of Allah (SWT). May Allah accept all of our efforts.