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Local and National Press Highlighting the incidents of 2008

The centre has faced many trials and tribulations ranging from racist graffiti to property damage by a small minority. However, this did not dissuade us but rather strengthened us to continue. The act of a some individuals did not lead us to tarnish the good reputation of the local community.

Westminster Attack Statement, 2017

We are very saddened by the appalling attack in Westminster yesterday that resulted in tragic deaths, injuries of innocent civilians and members of the Police force. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and their loved ones. We say “terror has no faith or religion”. Cornwall Islamic Community members have on countless Friday sermons, spoke against violence and extremist ideology of minority groups.  Such ideology has no place in our Faith. These individuals do not represent the Muslims in UK and rest of the world, who are peaceful and loving.

We hope and trust our police, emergency services to ensure there are no more casualties. Such heinous acts of mindless violence must not be allowed to cause division and hatred amongst our communities in Cornwall; rather we must remain vigilant, united and stand against these sorts of attacks.

Cornwall Islamic Centre
23rd March 2017

Response to “MUSLIM CONVERT THREAT TO KILL JEWS” article, 2021.

Firstly, we would like to say that we have a great relationship with the Jewish Community in Cornwall and we will continue to develop our relation further. Upon reading the article of the incident, we immediately contacted the Jewish Community to provide clarification of the incident (conveniently not mentioned in the article) and provide assurance that one individuals actions is not a reflection of the Islamic community in Cornwall and they can feel safe. In fact, it was a concerned Muslim who had informed the police about the individuals radical beliefs, but as usual, the media failed to mention that part in the article!

The individual Adam, is known to have mental health issues and has been to prison for previous offences prior to embracing any faith. During his stay in prison, he decided to embrace faith. Sadly he was exposed to religious beliefs that are clearly not  a part of Islam. 

Upon his release from prison, police kept a close eye over his movements. Subsequently members of our community were questioned by the police regarding his behaviour. Police were told on several occasions that Adam has no part in our community as his beliefs do not match ours and that he suffers from severe mental illness which needs urgent medical attention. By sending him to prison again will not solve the problem. We also asked the authorities to submit him to a Psychiatric Hospital in order to improve his health condition. 

The entire Cornish Community (not just Muslims and Jewish) will not feel safe if Adam is not treated. Any act of violence caused by this individual is going to make life difficult for the Muslim Community (who are a minority) in Cornwall. We pray for peace, love and harmony to all minority groups and hope that the actions of one “ill” individuals does not tarnish the relationship, bond we have built with our fellow brothers and sisters of faith over the years.

Cornwall Islamic Community Centre
27th April 2021