"Three things follow a deceased person. Two of them return and one remains. His family, his wealth, and his deeds follow him. His family and wealth return, but his deeds remain (Al-Bukhari, Muslim)
"When their specified time arrives, they cannot delay it for a single hour nor can they bring it forward.” Quran (16:61)
“Every soul will taste death. You will be paid your wages in full on the Day of Rising. Anyone who is distanced from the Fire and admitted to the Garden, has triumphed. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of delusion.” Quran (3:185)
“Those who remember death often and have best prepared for it with good deeds; those are the wisest.” (Sunan Ibn Mājah)
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Funeral Service

Burial Sites and Undertaker information

Alhamdulillah we have two burial sites here in Cornwall that have Muslim allocated space. They are located in:

  • Penzance Cemetery, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 3
  • St. Columb Major Cemetery, Trekenning Road, Cornwall, TR9 6TB

The undertaker service that we use is a third party contractor. To make arrangements please call Mike Kearey on the following details:

Burroughs & Kearey Funeral Directors
The Chapel of Rest
Rear of Barwis Terrace
TR18 2AW

The Burial preparations

We provide the shroud, washing of the body and then the undertaker will bring the body to the masjid for janaza salah. For this service we charge £450 (or whatever you can afford. All proceedings go to the masjid fund). If you cannot afford the cost then it will be provided by us as ‘fee sabilillah’ (for the sake of allah).

The final cost is for the burial plot (land from the council) plus the undertaker cost which was £2500 in May 2021.